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Ma Benzhai: an immortal hero

Ma Benzhai, Hui nationality, was born in Xianxian County, Hebei Province in 1901. He joined the Communist Party of China in October 1938.

Lai Ning:a 14-year-old hero

At the age of 14, Lai Ning was conferred posthumously as a national hero. In 1988, he assisted firefighters to put out a forest fire in Sichuan Province, but as the igneous situation was so violent, he finally died.

Wang Jiaxiang: 1st ambassador of new China

Aug 15, 2011 is the 105th anniversary of Wang Jiaxiang's birth. After the founding of the People's Republic, he was the first Ambassador to the Soviet Union (1949-1951).

Rong Guotuan: 1st world champion of new China

Rong Guotuan won men's singles title at the 1959 World Table Tennis Championships in Dortmund, the first world championship winner representing the new China.

Ding Xuesong, new China's first ambassadress

The appearance of the first Chinese ambassadress to the Netherlands 30 years ago created quite a stir. The media remarked on the contrast in diplomatic apparel since the reform and opening up policy: "The old style wool uniform has been replaced by delicate silk..."

Zhang Yong: A just judge

Zhang Yong, 38, is a common judge in the people's court of Fengtai district, Beijing. She is strict and impartial, and enjoys high prestige among the public.

Li Suzhi: A Guardian in Tibet

Li Suzhi worked in Tibet for more than 28 years, and made achievements in medical research.

Chen Weiqiang: A brave and loyal heart

Chen Weiqiang, 26, works as a policeman in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Veteran journalist Li Xing passes away

Li Xing, China Daily's assistant editor-in-chief and veteran columnist, died of cerebral hemorrhage on Aug 7 in Washington DC, US. She was 54.

Lin Hao:Hero's starring role

Lin Hao is the youngest of China's "quake heroes" to emerge from the 2008's disaster.As a nice shy boy,he is still not be entirely comfortable withe the media.