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Liu Bocheng

Liu Bocheng (December 4, 1892 - October 7, 1986) was a Chinese Communist military commander and Marshal of the People's Liberation Army.

Chen Duxiu

Chen Duxiu (October 8, 1879 – May 27, 1942) played many different roles in Chinese history. He was a leading figure in the anti-imperialist Revolution of 1911 and the May Fourth Movement for Science and Democracy. Along with Li Dazhao, Chen was a co-founder of the Communist Party of China in 1921. He was its first Chairman and first General Secretary. Chen was an educator, philosopher, and politician. His ancestral home was in Anqing, Anhui, where he established the influential vernacular Chinese periodical La Jeunesse.

Dong Biwu

Dong Biwu (March 5, 1886 - April 2, 1975), born in Huang'an (now Hong'an), Hubei, is one of the founders of the Communist Party of China and is a great Marxist, proletarian revolutionary and statesman. He is one of the principal leaders of the Communist Party of China and the People's Republic of China. He laid the foundation for China's socialist legal system.

Chinese astronautical experts awarded with honors at IAC

Two Chinese experts were awarded with international honors at the 62nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) which opened Monday in South Africa.

Work really is a pain for ticket seller

What Zhao Yuhua really wants is a shot in the back. Make that several, like a good beating.

Donating blood

Sun Ximeng gets his kicks by picking up blood on the go, heading a mobile collection squad that drives around the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province.

School is where the home is

When she arrived at Zhaojia Elementary School on a recent rainy Sunday, Ma Lan apologized for wearing a pair of muddy boots.

Put on your shoes and dance

As retired ballet dancer Ran Yujie was teaching a few moves to a group of women at the Jinan Elderly School, it was the flash of red coming from her bag that caught their attention and triggered their enthusiasm to fulfill long-held wishes.

Getting a 'bang' with his toy

Just outside a matchbox-shaped factory sits a camouflaged giant, a life-size Soviet era T-62 tank that attracts oohs and aahs when it moves and booms.

Rich realize value of giving for charity

An audience of 6,000 was expected for the concert in Guizhou province, but more than 20,000 attended. The singer topping the bill was no rock star but 43-year-old businessman and high-profile philanthropist, Chen Guangbiao.