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A great grassroots leader: Yang Shanzhou

Yang Shanzhou, a former government official, spent 22 years planting trees and bringing relative prosperity to a small town in Yunnan province.

The most beautiful mother: Wu Juping

Wu Juping, a female worker in Hangzhou, was called the "most beautiful mother" by netizens for saving a two-year-old girl from falling down 10 floors without thinking of her own safety.

The father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery: Wu Mengchao

Wu Mengchao is a world-famous Chinese hepatobiliary surgery scientist and surgeon, who is currently an acadamecian at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

PLA honored models: Huang Jiguang

Huang Jiguang, male, Han nationality, was born in Zhongjiang county, Sichuan province. He joined the Chinese People's Volunteers in March 1951. He fought bravely and won a third-class merit citation

Father of China's atom bomb: Qian Sanqiang

Qian made outstanding contributions to the establishment of nuclear science in the People's Republic of China and to the development of PRC's atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Mei Lanfang

Mei Lanfang, Chinese theatrical performer, is recognized as one of the greatest singer-actor-dancers in Chinese history.

The founder of Chinese modern bridge engineering: Mao Yisheng

Mao Yisheng was a famous bridge expert, civil engineering scientist and educator of China.

Liang Sicheng: Father of modern Chinese architecture

Liang Sicheng was the son of Liang Qichao, a well-known Chinese thinker in the late Qing Dynasty, and is recognized as the "Father of Modern Chinese Architecture".

The young hero: Gong Qinghai

Born in 1980, he is associate chief designer of guidance systems at the 12th Unit of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

Li Wenxiang: Loyal Party member honored

Li Wenxiang, an 87-year-old retired soldier, has been recognized as a hero for inspiring many Chinese people with his communist conviction.