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The female soldiers in the Long March

The long March is a heroic and epic story. Edgar Snow, the earliest reporter of the Long March, in his book "Red Star Over China", said: "One day someone will write this exciting epic." After much investigation I started this bold attempt to use poetic language to describe the Long March.

Building camaraderie through red songs

Xing Zhongwei, manager of the production department, says he has sung "red songs" about the Communist Party's leadership during the revolution and founding of the People's Republic for almost 20 years, since he entered the factory as a worker in 1992.

Nie Er and his musician generations

Nie Er did more than compose China's national anthem, he has inspired two successive generations in his family to become musicians.

Tribute to a grassroots leader

After retiring, former government official Yang Shanzhou spent 22 years planting trees and bringing relative prosperity to a small town in Yunnan province. Yang Wanli reports.

Here comes the judge

For Judge Long Jinpin, now was the day to make that trip into the depths of the mountains, to a village populated mostly by Yi ethnic people in Yunnan province.

Yang Liwei: China's first astronaut

Yang Liwei, China's first space traveler, was born in Suizhong, Liaoning Province in June 1965.

Song Jian: A leading scientist

"Rejuvenating the country through science and education is the way to a brilliant future."

Zhong Shizhen: Life is like a chess game

Zhong Shizhen is an anatomist born in Wuhua, Guangdong Province, in 1925. He graduated from the Medical School of Sun Yat-sen University.

Wang Chengwei: Breathing the air of information Computer scientist

Wang Chengwei is a computer scientist born in Shanghai in 1933. He graduated from the Physics Department of Beijing Normal University.

Wang Debao: Adding flavor to life

"Scientific discovery only favors those who are persevering and single-minded."

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