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Xi Jinping

Russian ties China's foreign policy priority: Xi

China's top political leader Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that ties with Russia are a priority for its foreign policy.


Li Keqiang

Li Keqiang: A man who puts people first

Li Keqiang: A man who puts people first


Zhang Dejiang

Zhang Dejiang: Always bearing the people in mind

"Governing for the people" has been the principle Zhang Dejiang has abided by.


Yu Zhengsheng

Yu Zhengsheng: A reformer's style

Yu Zhengsheng, in the eyes of his colleagues, is a man who does not follow routines.


Liu Yunshan

Chinese leader visits low-income families

During his inspection tour, the CPC leader stayed in common guesthouses.


Wang Qishan

Co-op best way to resolve differences in Sino-US trades

With the US wanting to put pressure on China at the upcoming annual meeting of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, Chinese experts said dialogue rather than complaints will help solve the ongoing problems.


Zhang Gaoli

China Democratic League national congress opens

The 11th National Congress of the China Democratic League (CDL), one of the country's non-communist parties, opened in Beijing on Sunday.