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Hu stresses scientific development

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Monday, June 25, 2007 once again stressed the importance of implementing the scientific concept of development, promoting social harmony and building an overall well-off society, ahead of the 17th national congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) later in 2007.

We should draw on the experience of other countries

We are carrying out reform in a vast, poor country, and there is no precedent for this anywhere in the world. During the past 39 years of economic development, we have learned from both our successes and our failures.

We should maintain moderately rapid growth of production

China is deepening its reform, trying to create more favourable conditions for future development. We attach importance not only to our development in this century, but even more to our development in the next.

Circumstances oblige us to deepen the reform and open wider to the outside world

China suffered greatly from the ten-year disaster, the ``cultural revolution''. In fact, not just from that: as early as the second half of 1957 we began to make ``Left'' mistakes.

We review the past to open up a new path to the future

We are both veterans of the international Communist movement, and it is always a pleasure for us to meet. We are both optimists, so we should remember the good days we have known and forget the dark days.

Science and technology constitute a primary productive force

The world is changing, and we should change our thinking and actions along with it. In the past we pursued a closed-door policy and isolated ourselves.

The central leadership must have authority

The main point I want to make is that the central leadership must have authority. The reform can be successful only if it is conducted under proper leadership and in an orderly fashion.

China must take its place in the field of high technology

Some countries are drawing up plans for the development of high technology. China has done so too. The next century will see rapid development.

A new international order should be established with the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexisttence as norms

Under the present favourable and peaceful international circumstances, China and India have a common responsibility to mankind -- to develop.

The overriding need is for stability

In China the overriding need is for stability. Without a stable environment, we can accomplish nothing and may even lose what we have gained.