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China cannot advance without science

I am a layman in science, but I am enthusiastic about promoting its development. China cannot advance without science.

In memory of Liu Bocheng

After a long illness Bocheng has passed away. I worked with him for a long time and knew him very well. I am deeply grieved by his death.

We shall expand political democracy and carry out economic reform

When you visited China in 1973, there was great unrest because of the ``cultural revolution'', which was still going on. At that time the ``Left'' ideology was predominant in our society. As a consequence social and economic development was very slow.

We must unite the people on the basis of firm convictions

Today in China we are urging people to have lofty ideals and moral integrity, to become better educated and to cultivate a strong sense of discipline.

On the reform of enterprises and of the banking system

How many steps should we take to complete the reform? How long will it take? I hope you will study these questions.

Take a clear-cut stand against bourgeois liberalization

The recent student unrest is not going to lead to any major disturbances. But because of its nature it must be taken very seriously.

We have to clear away obstacles and continue to advance

Recently some of our students created disturbances. These disturbances were different in nature from those of September 18, 1985, when students also took to the streets.

We must promote education in the four cardinal principles and adhere to the policies of reform and opening to the outside worls

Recently two major events have taken place in our country: one was the student disturbances and the other the replacement of the General Secretary of our Party.

Planning and the market are both means of developing the productive forces

Why do some people always insist that the market is capitalist and only planning is socialist? Actually they are both means of developing the productive forces.

We must tell our young people about China's history

Recently the college and university students created some disturbances. It is not the students themselves who are to blame for it but a small number of persons with ulterior motives, mainly higher intellectuals inside the Party who incited them to action.