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China will always keep its promises

In reaching an agreement on the question of Hong Kong, the leaders of our two countries have done something highly significant for our countries and peoples.

Peace and development are the two outstanding issues in the world today

Different people may have different attitudes towards the development of China. They analyse this question from different standpoints, depending on whether they think China's development will or will not be in their own interest.

The reform of the system for managing science and technology is designed to liberate the productive forces

I have come here today to congratulate you on the success of your conference and to show my respect for science and technology and for knowledge.

Unity depends on ideals and discipline

The domestic situation is excellent. Still, I'd like to call your attention to one point: while building a socialist society with Chinese characteristics, we must continue to promote not only material progress but also cultural and ideological progress.

Reform is China's second revolution

The reform we are now carrying out is very daring. But if we do not carry it out, it will be hard for us to make progress.

We shall expand political democracy and carry out economic reform

When you visited China in 1973, there was great unrest because of the ``cultural revolution'', which was still going on. At that time the ``Left'' ideology was predominant in our society. As a consequence social and economic development was very slow.

Devote special effort to education

My purpose in attending this conference today is primarily to show my support for education and to salute you and the other workers in education throughout the country.

Bourgeois liberalization means taking the capitalist road

The mainland will maintain the socialist system and not turn off onto the wrong road, the road to capitalism. One of the features distinguishing socialism from capitalism is that socialism means common prosperity, not polarization of income.

Speech at an enlarged meeting of the Military Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

At this important meeting I should like to say a few words first about troop reduction. We are determined to reduce the People's Liberation Army by one million men.

Reform and opening to the outside world are a great experiment

The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is an experiment. It will be some time before we know whether we are doing the right thing there. It is something new under socialism.