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Building a socialism with a specifically Chinese character

Since the defeat of the Gang of Four and the convocation of the Third Plenary Session of the Party's Eleventh Central Committee, we have formulated correct ideological, political and organizational lines and a series of principles and policies.

We shall be paying close attention to developments in Hong Kong during the transition period

The ``one country, two systems'' concept was not formulated today. It has been in the making for several years now, ever since the Third Plenary Session of our Party's Eleventh Central Committee.

Speech at the ceremony celebrating the 35th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China

Comrade commanders and fighters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army! All fellow-countrymen, comrades and friends!

Maintain prosperity and stability in Hong Kong

I am very happy to see so many of you attending our National Day celebrations, and I believe Hong Kong has a bright future

Our magnificent goal and basic policies

I am a layman in the field of economics. I have made a few remarks on the subject, but all from a political point of view

We regard reform as a revolution

For the most part, the current changes in China started at the end of 1978, when the Third Plenary Session of our Party's Eleventh Central Committee was held. At that session the Central Committee reviewed our historical experience and decided on a series of policies designed to restore order.

Speech at the Third Plenary Session of the Central Advisory of the Communist Party of China

I think that the current Central Committee is experienced and that it has handled different kinds of problems properly and in an orderly way.

We must follow our own road in economic development as we did in revolution

China is a major country as well as a minor one. By major I mean that it has a huge population and a vast territory, and by minor I mean that it is still a relatively poor, developing country with a per capita GNP of only US$300.

The principles of peaceful coexistence have a potentially wide application

There are two outstanding issues in the world today. One is the question of peace, the other the relationship between North and South. We find many other problems too, but none of them has the same overall, global, strategic significance as these two.

The army should subordinate itself to the general interest, which is to develop the country

I want to talk about the question of considering the general interest. By the general interest I mean our national development.