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Respect knowledge, respect trained personnel

The key to achieving modernization is the development of science and technology. And unless we pay special attention to education, it will be impossible to develop science and technology.

Economic development in the Taihang area

The war of resistance behind enemy lines is an extremely complex and arduous struggle. After six successful years we have laid the foundation for the continued struggle and final victory.

Speech at the mobilization meeting on rectification in the Party school of the Northern Bureau

The rectification movement launched by the Party Central Committee and Comrade Mao Zedong last year has yielded substantial results across the country, especially in the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region.

Build stable base areas in the Dabie mountains

Our army has crossed the Huaihe River and thrust into the Dabie Mountains, utterly thwarting the enemy's plan of pursuit. The task ahead is to wholeheartedly and unwaveringly build stable base areas in the Dabie Mountains and, in co-ordination with the friendly corps, gain full control over the Central Plains.

The situation following our triumphant advance to the central plans and our future policies and strategy

On this visit to the Henan-Shaanxi-Hubei Border Area I find the situation very good, the result not only of efforts made by all the Party, government and army comrades here, but also of the countrywide counter-offensives launched in July last year.

Carry out the Party Central Committee's directive on the work of land reform and of Party consolidation

We were guilty of being too impetuous in the new liberated areas, alienating ourselves from the masses, isolating ourselves, and creating many difficulties in our struggle against the enemy and in our effort to establish base areas.

Some suggestions concerning our entry into new area in the future

In view of the things we have learned from work in the new areas over the past year, I now propose some suggestions concerning our entry into new areas in the future.

Outline plan for the Nanjing-Shanghai-Hangzhou campaign96

Chiang Kai-shek's forces, assembled between Shanghai and Anqing, consist of 24 corps, or 72 divisions, totaling about 440,000 men. Among them 18 corps, or 49 divisions, are defending the Yangtze River; six corps, or 23 divisions, are controlling the areas along the Zhejiang-Jiangxi sector, including Hangzhou, Jinhua, Quzhou and Huizhou; four of five corps are for emergency use.

Break the blockade imposed by the imperialists

All the imperialists' tricks, including the blockade, are designed to force us to submit. Similarly, our struggle is aimed at forcing the imperialists to submit.

From the crossing of the Yangtze to the capture of Shanghai

Having just come to Beiping from Shanghai, I should like to report to you on how the Second and Third Field Armies of our People's Liberation Army crossed the Yangtze River and captured Shanghai and what they have done there since.