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We are building a socialist society with both high material standards and high cultural and ethical standards

The Communists in any country should decide for themselves what road to take for revolution, because people in other countries are not familiar with the circumstances there.

We are on the right track and our policies will not change

The modernization we are striving for is modernization of a Chinese type. The socialism we are building is a socialism with Chinese characteristics. This is because we are acting according to our own concrete realities and conditions and mainly relying on ourselves.

An idea for the peaceful reunification of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan

The most important issue is the reunification of the motherland. Peaceful reunification has become the common aim of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party.

Use the intellectual resources of other countries and open wider to the outside world

We should make use of the intellectual resources of other countries by inviting foreigners to participate in key development projects and other construction projects in various fields. We haven't recognized how important this is, and consequently we haven't done as much as we should have.

Crack down on crime

The number of crimes, including serious ones, has increased substantially, and the people are very disturbed about it.

Message written for Jingshan school

Education should be geared to the needs of modernization, of the world and of the future.

The Party's urgent tasks on the organizational and ideological fronts

The major question before this plenary session of the Central Committee has been the rectification of Party organizations. The Central Committee's decision on this question has been adopted after deliberation by all present.

A new approach to stabilizing the world situation

There are many disputes in the world, and we must find ways to solve them. Over the years I have been considering how those disputes could be solved by peaceful means, rather than by war.

Make a success of special economic zones and open more cities to the outside world

I gathered some impressions from my recent tour of three special economic zones in Guangdong and Fujian provinces and of the Baoshan Iron and Steel Complex in Shanghai.

We should take a longer-range view in developing Sino-Japanese relations

Last year the leaders of our two countries made a wise and far-sighted policy decision in Tokyo: to consider and develop Sino-Japanese relations from a long-term point of view.