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For the great unity of the entire Chinese Nation

Historically speaking, your Rong family has performed meritorious service in helping to develop China's industry, thus making contributions to the nation.

Opening speech at the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

I now declare open the Twelfth National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

Speech at the first Plenary Session of the Central Advisory Commission of the Communist Party of China

The Central Advisory Commission is something new. Established in light of the circumstances of the Communist Party of China, it is an organizational form that will enable new cadres to succeed the old ones in the central leading organs of the Party.

We shall concentrate on economic development

We have just held the Twelfth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Thanks to that congress, the political situation in our country will be more stable than ever before. This will make it possible for us to concentrate all the more on economic development.

Our basic position on the question of Hong Kong

Our basic position on the question of Hong Kong is clear. There are three major issues involved. One is sovereignty. Another is the way in which China will administer Hong Kong so as to maintain its prosperity after 1997

In the first decade, prepare for the second

The objective for the two decades from 1981 and the end of this century has been set: on the basis of steadily improved economic performance, we shall try to quadruple the gross annual value of industrial and agricultural output by the year 2000.

Promote the friendship between China and India and increase South-South cooperation

Both China and India are developing countries, but they are not without importance in world affairs. They have the biggest populations: added together, they amount to 1.7 billion, more than one third of the world's people. As the two countries are neighbours, we cannot afford not to understand each other and promote the friendship between us.

Plant trees everywhere

Plant trees everywhere and make our country green in the interest of future generations.

Our work in all fields should contribute to the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics

According to the latest statistics, gross industrial and agricultural output in 1982 increased by 8 per cent, greatly exceeding the originally planned figure of 4 per cent -- something that had not happened in the previous two years.

Remarks after an inspection tour of Jiangsu province and other places

I recently travelled from Jiangsu to Zhejiang Province and from there to Shanghai. On this trip I found things were going very well.