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We should all strive to reunify the motherland

Recently the Taiwan side has shown a little more flexibility. Nevertheless, some people in Taiwan want to create ``one country, two governments'' and even to change the composition of the United Nations.

Seize the opportunity to develop the economy

There are many unpredictable factors affecting the international situation, and the contradictions are becoming increasingly evident.

Remarks made during an inspection tour of Shanghai

When we decided to establish the four special economic zones in 1979, we chose them mainly on the basis of their geographical advantages.

Review your experience and use professionally trained people

The situation in China is now stable. That is because, for one thing, we resolutely adhered to socialism when we quelled the unrest in 1989 and because, for another, we have persisted in the policies of reform and opening to the outside world.

Excerpts from talks given in Wuchang, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shanghai

I was here in Guangdong in 1984. At that time rural reform had been under way for several years, and we were just beginning to introduce urban reform and to establish special economic zones.

Help the people understand the importance of the rule of law

While we are correcting unhealthy tendencies and cracking down on crime, we must leave matters that fall within the scope of the law to judicial institutions; it is not appropriate for the Party to concern itself with such matters.

Remarks during an inspection tour of Tianjin

During this visit to Tianjin, I should like to see your development district and have a look around the city. I'd like to see the harbour as well.

Replies to the American TV correspondent Mike Wallace

There is something new in Gorbachev's speech in Vladivostok, and that is why we have expressed cautious welcome to what is new and positive in it.

On reform of the political structure

Our reform of the economic structure is going smoothly on the whole. Nevertheless, as it proceeds we shall inevitably encounter obstacles

Remarks at the Sixth Plenary Session of the Party's Twelfth Central Committee

With regard to the question of opposing bourgeois liberalization, I am the one who has talked about it most often and most insistently.

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