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Public interests Party's top priority

President Xi Jinping has asked senior Party leaders to play a leading role in improving governance, reaching out to the people and exercising frugality.

Fancy eateries now offering budget lunches

Luxury hotels and high-end restaurants are becoming canteens for office workers amid central government calls for frugality.

'Guilty officials should be charged'

Party disciplinary violations that amount to criminal abuses of power should be treated as criminal cases, experts said.

Former railways minister stands trial

China's former railways minister Liu Zhijun stood trial in a court in Beijing on Sunday on charges of bribery and abuse of power.

Smartphone snapshots encourage supervision, participation

The increasing popularity of smartphones has led many Chinese to take pictures of nearly anything and everything in sight.

Senior CPC leader meets Belarusian official

Wang Qishan, a senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), on Tuesday met with Andrei Kobyakov, head of the Belarusian presidential administration.

Officials told to give up their VIP cards

China's top anti-graft official Wang Qishan on Monday urged disciplinary and supervisory staff to return all membership cards gifted by others.

Technology used to combat graft

China has improved the way it deals with corruption and is increasingly using technology to combat graft.

Concern rises over misuse of military vehicles

Vehicles with military and police license plates were parked at tourist sites during Spring Festival prompting public concerns.

Officials' integrity vital: Xi

A down-to-earth attitude, a good work ethic and an ability to stay away from empty gestures are what officials require for promotion.

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