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Official residence system

Although there have been no details of when and how an official residence system will be implemented, it has caught the attention.

Independent body better to fight corruption

As the efforts intensify, some senior officials have been investigated for corruption, and the amount of money involved has been staggering.

Long-term anti-corruption

The second batch of inspectors, divided into 10 groups, have started inspections of designated government organs and State-owned enterprises.

No place for corruption in changing nation

Corruption is a problem in countries across the world, with developing countries often believed to be more prone to it.

Decentralization and supervision

One of the important developments in China has been the announcement of a change in the State Council's management of the economy and the society.

CPC newspaper blasts bureaucracy as 'lingering ghost'

A flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China in a strong-worded op-ed Monday blasted bureaucracy that haunted some officials long as "lingering ghost."

'Guilty officials should be charged'

Party disciplinary violations that amount to criminal abuses of power should be treated as criminal cases, experts said.

Past incidents must be investigated

Apparently, grain was placed inside an otherwise empty building to impress the then premier. Hard evidence is difficult to come by, but the case does require further investigation.

Expert praises intra-party management rules

A law professor has praised new efforts to regulate the formation of the Communist Party of China (CPC) rules.

Anti-corruption drive

Starting with supervisory officials will make government officials at all levels understand the determination to treat them all equally, which is a fundamental way to fight corruption.

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