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Wang Zhaoguo

Ethnic Han, born in July 1941, native of Fengrun, Hebei Province

Wang Qishan

Wang Qishan, male, ethnic Han, native of Tianzhen, Shanxi Province, born in July 1948. Joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in February 1983 and began working in January 1969. Graduated from the Department of History at Northwest University, majoring in history. With a university education. Senior economist.

Wang Huning

Wang Huning, ethnic Han, native of Laizhou, Shandong Province, born in October 1955. Joined the CPC in April 1984 and began working in February 1977.

Wang Shengjun

Ethnic Han, born in October 1946, native of Suzhou, Anhui Province, joined Communist Party of China (CPC) in December 1972.

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