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Real name registration for Internet access

Real name registration for Internet access (in simplified Chinese 网络实名制), or Internet real name system, is a rule that requires Internet users to use their real names to identify themselves to service providers, including Internet or telecommunications operators.

Red Star Over China

Red Star Over China, a book by Edgar Snow, is an account of the Communist Party of China written when they were a guerrilla army still obscure to Westerners

Ruth F. Weiss

Ruth F. Weiss, also known as Wei Lushi, (December 11, 1908 - March 6, 2006), was a Jewish-born Austrian-Chinese educator, journalist, and lecturer.

Rewi Alley

Rewi Alley was born in Springfield, Canterbury, New Zealand in 1879. He left New Zealand for China and arrived in Shanghai on April 21st 1927.