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Double-designation is an investigation procedure in China where officials or Party members confess or explain wrongdoings at a designated time and in a designated place.

Deng Xiaoping

A member of the Chinese Communist Party since his youth, Deng Xiaoping has rendered outstanding service to the Chinese people, throughout the revolution, during the development of the People's Republic and especially in recent years when, after the disastrous "cultural revolution", he succeeded in setting the country on the road to socialist modernization.

Deng Xiaoping's Shenzhen Tour

In Jan 1992, Deng Xiaoping visited south China where he delivered a series of speeches aimed to clarify the muddled idea about whether the establishment of special economic zones is of "capitalism" or "socialism" in nature.

Dai Bingguo

Dai Bingguo, male, Tujia ethnic group, native of Yinjiang, Guizhou Province, born in March 1941. Started working in September 1964 and joined the Communist Party of China (CPC) in June 1973. Graduated from the College of Foreign Languages of the Sichuan University, majoring in Russian language, university education.

Dwarkanath Kotnis

Dwarkanath Kotnis was born in Bombay, India, 1910. He came to China as a member of the Indian Medical Team to Assist China, and arrived in Yan'an in Jan. 1939.