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Track maternal healthcare

The economic boom has raised life expectancy and cut child mortality. But health services, particularly in rural areas, have failed to keep up. The huge gap between urban and rural health services is a reminder of the challenges facing the government.

Hope from hybrid rice

A new strain of rice developed by China's leading agricultural scientist, Yuan Longping, has set another milestone in China's research into hybrid rice and constitutes a big step toward addressing the world's food shortages.

Proper use for waste oil

The cracking of the biggest case ever involving the production and sale of recycled edible oil from swill, points not just to health hazards from eating food cooked with such oil. It also raises the question of how such oil can be reused in a friendly manner.

New book about Dalai Lama shows his true face

A recently released book about the Dalai Lama shows a different, darker side of the person deified by some Western politicians and media experts.

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