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Mental emancipation the greatest gift

By protecting the rights of and fostering equality among all ethnic groups, the revolutionaries raised national unity to unheard of levels, and thus helped build a Chinese nation in the modern sense of the term, Ma says.

A great achievement in difficult times

Sun's "Three Principles of the People" were aimed at protecting the country and people, overthrowing the autocratic Qing Dynasty and establishing a democratic republic ruled by the people to ensure that everyone lived a life of dignity.

The course of history was inevitable

But even if the Wuchang uprising hadn't succeeded, the revolutionaries would still have got many an opportunity to achieve success as long as the Qing government kept moving against the trend of history.

Women's emancipation started with 1911

Compared with Western feminist movements, which were independent of and progressed along with social revolutions, feminist movements in China have been part of the country's social revolution. Women's emancipation during the 1911 Revolution provides a good example of this.

Revolution remembered

The 100th anniversary is a suitable occasion to pay tribute to the forefathers of Chinese republicanism, and reflect on the nation's pursuit of and march toward modernity, no matter which side of the Straits one is on.

Getting down to essentials of education

Educational issues involving preschool through college levels have become major topics in the media and on officials' policy agendas. Critics offering their observations include researchers, educators, students, parents and even administrators.

Space flight in service of science

Pentagon analysts are turning up their nose at China for buying a second-hand aircraft carrier. Distressed at China's modernization of its military technology, these analysts have just issued a report. They may have read something sinister into Tiangong-1, too.

Advancing human rights

Amid the country's ongoing efforts to work out the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015), Wang Chen, minister of the State Council Information Office, gave an interview to Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday about the new program.

A leader ahead of his times

Sun Yat-sen died 85 years ago, and this the 100th year of the 1911 Revolution, which will always be identified with him. He emerged as the leader of a revolution at the end of the 19th century, and was China's first modern politician.

Send migrants to college

These colleges and universities have designed special programs for migrant workers and waived or reduced tuition fees. This is a very important step to better incorporating migrant workers into the country's social and economic development.