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Local Party standing committees bring in new faces

Recently, 14 provinces and autonomous regions have elected the new Party committees. From the list of the new Party committees, there are some new faces in the standing committees.

Party committee reports bring up new ideas with understandable words

Party congresses at provincial level have ended for Liaoning, Henan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Guangxi, Fujian, Hebei, Hunan and Yunnan. In the reports of provincial Party committees to the congresses, we can not only see the summary of the past five years' experiences and achievements but also the blueprint for the development of the next five years.

Half of China's provinces complete Party committee reshuffling

Fourteen provinces and autonomous regions have elected new Party committees. Recently, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China commented on the work style of its cadres

The emergence of a group of 60s standing committee members

A group of young cadres born in the 1960s were elected into provincial standing committees.

13 provinces elect female members to standing Party committees

All thirteen provinces and autonomous regions that have completed Party committee transitions have elected at least one female member to their standing committees.

'One Party chief and two deputies' model still popular

The "one secretary and two deputy secretaries" model has been the main structure employed by most local committees during the current elections.

Party congresses end for 13 provinces and autonomous regions

Party congresses for 13 provinces and autonomous regions began this October to elect the provincial-level Party committees.

People's Daily comments on selection of representatives for Party Congress

The People's Daily calls for seriousness in the selection of attendees to the 18th Party Congress

The law faces issue of virtual inheritance

When people die, their relatives members can inherit their belongings, but does this law apply to the virtual world?

Investing in our children

Poverty should not necessarily mean falling behind. Ningshaan, a poverty-stricken county in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, has put the economically developed regions to shame with its spending on free education for its children.

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