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Contain vegetable prices

Reducing the prices of such daily necessities as vegetables is the most practical approach to cutting the cost of living for urban residents. And this is exactly what the State Council is trying to do.

Green growth is the key

In addition to fundamental reforms debt-laden rich countries require for the global recovery to thrive, China needs to rapidly transform its model to pursue greener and more sustainable growth.

Repair project supervision

Despite being used to frequent media reports about the shoddy quality of some of the country's construction projects in recent decades, people are nonetheless very shocked about a problem with a Gansu highway that was recently exposed.

Building houses for all

Apart from assisting low-income families in urban areas, the central government's emphasis on building more affordable houses (both for sale and rentals) is also considered an effective way of containing rising housing prices and facilitating healthy development of the property market.

Address tax situation

The Forbes Tax Misery Index ranked us second globally behind France, which prompted rebukes from the authorities and experts, as well as waves of passionate resonance from ordinary citizens.

Cleaner, greener growth

In the teeth of Europe's worsening sovereign debt crisis, Premier Wen Jiabao's vow that China will increase its investment in Europe signals not only China's confidence in the eurozone economies but also its resolve to assume a bigger role in propelling global growth.

Environmental debts

With the world's population expected to reach seven billion next month, sustainable development has become an ever more urgent issue, one that is intertwined with the challenges of water scarcity, energy shortages, global health issues, food security and so on.

China meeting growth challenges

Renata Lok-Dessallien, the United Nations' resident coordinator in China, on Wednesday praised China's role in promoting sustainable development.

Training key to attract, retain talent

There is little doubt that news from Europe and the US recently has cast a depressing economic pall over much of the world. Meanwhile, in China amazing growth continues, and in nearly every sector companies struggle to find the right talent.

Banks can do more to help SMEs

In the post-global financial crisis era, governments the world over are battling to get more bank financing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which today are widely recognized as crucial drivers of growth and employment across economies.

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