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Senior leader stresses intangible cultural heritage protection

Senior official Li Changchun called for better protecting intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and integrating it into tourism

Senior Chinese official calls for strengthening of Marxism research

Senior official Li Changchun called for more efforts in Marxism research to provide theoretical support for the Party and country

CPC Central Committee hosts gathering to celebrate Lantern Festival

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee hosted a gala to celebrate China's Lantern Festival

Senior Chinese leader encourages moral model poll

Senior leader Li Changchun called on the organizers of a leading moral model poll to further contribute to the country's initiatives in building socialist core values

Leaders extend Spring Festival greetings to nation

Top leaders offered festive greetings to people across China as well as overseas Chinese around the world at a gathering to mark the Lunar New Year.

Li Changchun visits cultural figures ahead of Spring Festival

Senior leader Li Changchun has visited some cultural personages ahead of the Spring Festival, calling for efforts to produce more good works and train more talents in 2012

Senior Chinese leader urges promotion of socialist core values

Senior Chinese leader Li Changchun called for further efforts to promote the socialist core value system and accelerate reform of the country's cultural sector

China holds Spring Festival gala for military officers, soldiers

A Spring Festival gala was held at the Great Hall of the People to entertain the country's military officers, soldiers and civilians.

Senior leader salutes Marxism researchers ahead of Chinese New Year

Senior leader Li Changchun met members of the advisory council of Marxism Theory Research and Construction Project at the Great Hall of the People, sending new year greetings.

China's journalists told to better cover grassroots

Chinese journalists and news organizations have been told to improve coverage of grassroots stories.

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