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Red Star Over China

Red Star Over China, a book by Edgar Snow, is an account of the Communist Party of China written when they were a guerrilla army still obscure to Westerners

'China offers vital alternative to West'

"China is not perfect", but it is an alternative to a world dominated by the West, said US filmmaker Andre Vltchek.

Former Australian PM hails China's growth

Bob Hawke, former Australian Prime Minister, has said China's achievement and peaceful rise contribute greatly to the world's progress and prosperity.

Belarusian deputy PM says Wu's visit to enhance ties

Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo's scheduled visit to Belarus from Sept. 17 to 20 is widely expected to enhance bilateral ties, Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Tozik has said.

Time is right to strengthen China-Japan ties

The Japanese ambassador to China said the people of China and Japan should not get entangled in the past if they want to forge stronger relations.

West's criticism of China operations in Africa unwarranted

Zanu-PF Director for Administration Dickson Dzora pointed out that the western media had embarked on a sustained onslaught of the Chinese because the West viewed China as a big threat to its entrenched economic interests in Africa.

'Made in China' threat not so big after all

While July's rebound in China's trade surplus to $31 billion is likely to spark new recriminations on whether the undervalued yuan is to blame, new research shows that China is far from the culprit, asserts a blog in the Wall Street Journal on Aug 10.

Tough times for China's wind energy

The business of wind would appear to be a win-win situation for alternative energy investors, the Chinese government and domestic electricity consumers. Yet, some financial turbulence has blown into China's wind energy sector in recent months.

Scoops, pests and ping pong diplomacy

Sino-U.S. relations are complex and multi-faceted.The two countries are not allies, nor enemies. Relations change as issues emerge that generate tension.

Another half-hearted attempt to attack China's top health problem

Although China ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005, the country has yet to ban smoking in public. As long as local governments realize enormous profits from the government-controlled tobacco industry, official attempts to change behaviors may prove fruitless.

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