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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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July 30, 1955: "The Military Service Law of the People's Republic of China" is published >>more

July 29, 1952: The Five-Star Red Flag is raised the first time at the Olympic Games >>more

July 28, 1976: A deadly magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurs in Tangshan >>more

July 27—Aug 15, 1949: Chen Yun hosts the meeting of Finance and Economy in Shanghai >>more

July 26, 1945: China, the United States and Britain issue the Potsdam Proclamation >>more

July 25—Aug 24, 1962: The CPC Central Committee holds a working conference in Beidaihe >>more

July 24, 1966: The CPC Central Committee and State Council issues a "Notice on the Reform of College Entrance Work" >>more

July 23, 1921: The First CPC National Congress opens in Shanghai >>more

July 22, 1928: Pingjiang Uprising >>more

July 21—22, 2010: The National Party History Work Conference is held in Beijing >>more

July 20—25, 1954: The First Congress of the All-Chinese National Cooperative is held >>more

July 19, 2001: A meeting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tibet's peaceful liberation is held in Lhasa >>more

July 18—21, 2001: Zhu Rongji takes an inspection trip to Anhui province >>more

July 17—Sept 13, 1947: The National Land Conference is held in Xibaipo >>more

July 16—23, 1922: The Second National Congress of the CPC is held in Shanghai >>more

July 15, 1927: Wang Jingwei decides to divide the Communist Party of China >>more

July 14, 1919: The "Xiang Jiang River Review" is published >>more

July 13, 2001: Beijing wins the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games >>more

July 12, 1949: The Central Financial and Economic Committee is formed >>more

July 11, 1946: Li Kung-po is assassinated in Kunming >>more

July 10, 1949: The CPC Central Committee decides to establish the air force >>more

July 9, 1926: The National Revolutionary Army pledges to launch the Northern Expedition >>more

July 8, 1971: The State Council issues the "Report on Family Planning Work" >>more

July 7, 1937: Japanese imperialists manufacture the Marco Polo Bridge incident >>more

July 6, 1976: Zhu De dies >>more

July 5—7, 1903: The National Financial Working Conference is held in Beijing >>more

July 4, 2002: Work begins on the West- East Gas Transmission Project >>more

July 3, 1924: The Peasant Movement Institute opens in Guangzhou >>more

July 2, 1949: The First Congress of the All-China Literary and Art Workers opens >>more

July 1, 1921: The Communist Party of China is founded >>more