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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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Today in CPC's History (Aug 29) >>more

Aug 28, 1945: CPC Representatives arrived in Chongqing to negotiate with KMT >>more

Aug 27, 1960: Zhou Enlai met with Kazuo Suzuki >>more

Aug 26, 1973: China's first integrated circuit electronic computer runs a successful trial >>more

Aug 25, 1937: The Central Military Commission of the CPC issues an order >>more

Today in CPC's History >>more

Today in CPC's History >>more

Aug 22, 1920: The Shanghai Socialist Youth League is established >>more

Aug 20—25, 1923: The Chinese Socialist Youth League holds the Second National Congress in Nanjing >>more

Aug 21 and 23, 1980: Deng Xiaoping says mistakes of Chairman Mao are only secondary >>more

Aug 19, 1964: State Council proposes Third Front program >>more

Today in CPC's History >>more

Aug 17, 1982: China, US issue August 17 Communique >>more

Aug 16, 1981: Deng Xiaoping talks with Gu Jingsheng >>more

Aug 15, 1945: Japanese Emperor Hirohito announces Japan's unconditional surrender >>more

Aug 14, 1975: Mao Zedong exchanges views with his staff on the classic Chinese novel "Water Margin" >>more

Aug 13—Sept 25, 1977: The National College Entrance Conference is held in Beijing >>more

Aug 12—18, 1977: The 11th National Congress of the CPC is held in Beijing >>more

Aug 11, 1921: The China Labor Combination Secretary Department is established in Shanghai >>more

Aug 10, 1946: The Shanxi-Hebei-Shandong-Henan military area launches the Longhai Campaign >>more

Aug 9, 1945:  The Chinese people warmly welcome the Soviet Union's declared war on Japan >>more

Aug 8—24, 2008: The 29th Olympic Games is successfully held in Beijing >>more

Aug 7, 1927:the CPC Central Committee called an emergency conference at Hankou >>more

Aug 6, 1935: Fang Zhimin, a CPC military and political leader, dies a martyr's death >>more

Aug 5—20, 1973: The State Council holds the first national meeting on environmental protection >>more

Aug 4, 1941: The CPC Central Committee issues a "Decision on Enemy and Puppet Army Organization Work" >>more

Aug 3, 1935: The Red Army headquarters draft a campaign plan at Xiahe and Taohe River >>more

Aug 2—16, 1959: The Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighth CPC Central Committee is held >>more

Aug 1, 1927: The Nanchang Uprising breaks out >>more

July 31—Aug 3, 1958: August Khrushchev, first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, visits China >>more