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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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November 7, 2004: CPC Central Committee issues a notice to launch campaign to keep forerunning characer of CPC members >>more

November 7, 1941: CPC Central Revolutionary Military Commission issued an instruction on the military construction in anti-Japanese base areas. >>more

November 7-20, 1931: 1st national congress of Chinese Soviet Republic was held in Ruijin. The congress elected a 67-member central executive committee and announced the founding of the Provisional Central Government of Chinese Soviet Republic. >>more

Oct 25, 2005: Central committee on social order holds plenum >>more

Oct 25, 1949: General Administration of Customs established >>more

Oct 25, 1950: Chinese volunteers begins 1st battle in Korean War >>more

Oct 25, 1952: 'Against 3 evils' and 'against 5 evils' campaigns end >>more

Oct 25, 1958: Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region established >>more

Oct 25, 1971: PRC restores seat at UN >>more

Oct 25-Nov 1, 1987: 13th National Congress of CPC held >>more

Oct 25, 2000: 50th anniversary of Korean War >>more

October 12, 1937 was designated as founding day of the New Fourth Army >>more

October 12, 1951: Selected Works of Mao Zedong Volume I published >>more

October 12, 1983: CPC Central Committee and State Council issue notice to set up govts at town levels >>more

October 12–18, 1992: 14th National Congress of CPC convened >>more

October 12 –14, 1998: Third Plenary Session of 15th CPC Central Committee convened >>more

October 12–17, 2005: China launches Shenzhou VI manned space capsule >>more

China and Cuba establish diplomatic ties >>more

Sept 13, 1971: Lin Biao fled the country and died in Mongolia in plane crash >>more

Sept 9, 1927: Mao Zedong launches the Autumn Harvest Uprising >>more

Sept 8-13, 1948: The CPC Central Committee holds an enlarged Political Bureau meeting in Xibaipo >>more

Sept 7, 1953: Mao Zedong talks about the policy on the transformation of capitalist industry and commerce >>more

Sept 6-8, 2000: President Jiang Zemin attends the UN Millennium Summit >>more

Sept 5, 1967: The Agreement on Constructing Tanzania-Zambia Railway is signed >>more

Sept 4-15, 1995: The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women is held in Beijing. >>more

Sept 3, 1954: The Fujian front artillery shells the bombardment to Kinmen >>more

Sept 2, 1945: The Japanese surrender signing ceremony is held >>more

Sept 1-11, 1982: The 12th National Congress of the CPC was held in Beijing >>more

Aug 31, 1993: The White Paper "The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China" is issued >>more

Today in CPC's History (Aug 30) >>more