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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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Dec 5, 1925: Politics Weekly, whose editor-in-chief was Mao Zedong, comes out in Guangzhou >>more

Dec 5, 1949: Mao Zedong issued an instruction on military participation in economic production and construction >>more

Dec 5-7, 1995: Central Economic Work Conference >>more

Dec 5-9, 1990: National Work Conference on Religion held in Beijing >>more

Dec 5, 1986: State Council issues regulations on deepening enterprise reform >>more

Dec 5-6, 2002: Hu Jintao visits revolutionary base in Xibaipo >>more

Dec 5-7, 2003: National conference on work of ideological publicity >>more

Nov 28, 1960: CPC Central Committee instructs on Gansu report >>more

Nov 28 - Feb 10, 1958: Sixth Plenum of Eighth CPC Central Committee approves a resolution for problems at the people's commune >>more

Nov 28, 1923: Comintern adopts a resolution about China >>more

Dec 23, 1937: the delegation of CPC Central Committee and the Yangtze River Bureau of the CPC Central Committee convene for the first time in a joint meeting in Wuhan >>more

Dec 23-31, 1949: 1st national education working conference convenes in Beijing >>more

Dec 23-27, 1974: Mao Zedong talks with Zhou Enlai and Wang Hongwen, who go to Changsha to report about the preparations for the Fourth National People's Congress >>more

Dec 23, 1978: Shanghai Baoshan iron and steel factory holds groundbreaking ceremony >>more

Dec 23, 2005: CPC Central Committee and State Council issue some ideas on deepening the reform of cultural system >>more

Dec 22-23, 1949: Zhou Enlai describes several affiliations which are a part of China's new economy >>more

Dec 22, 1968: People's Daily conveys Mao Zedong's instructions, saying it is necessary for educated youths to go to rural areas to be re-educated by poor peasants >>more

Dec 22, 1973: CPC Central Committee announces Deng Xiaoping would become a member of the Political Bureau and the Central Military Commission >>more

Dec 21-25, 1954: First Plenary Session of Second CPPCC National Committee held in Beijing >>more

Dec 21-24, 1997: National organization working conference convenes in Beijing >>more

Dec 16-25, 1980: CPC Central Committee holds working conference >>more

Dec 16, 1991: Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) founded >>more

Dec 16, 1978: The Chinese and American governments simultaneously publish the Joint Communiqué of the People's Republic of China and the United States Concerning the Establishment of Their Diplomatic Relations >>more

Dec 16, 1997: President Jiang Zemin attends 1st China-ASEAN summit >>more

Dec 16, 2010: Chinese premier and Indian PM hold talks in New Delhi >>more

Dec 16, 1945: Zhou Enlai leads CPC delegation to Chongqing to attend political consultative conference >>more

Dec 16, 1949: 11th government affairs conference of the Government Administration Council of the Central People's Government approves the general principles of setting up government committees of greater administrative areas >>more

Dec 16, 1953: CPC Central Committee makes the resolution on developing agricultural production cooperative >>more

Dec 15–28, 1964: CPC Central Committee Political Bureau holds national work conference >>more

Dec 15, 1991: Qinshan Nuclear Power Station connected to the grid >>more