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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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Jan 12,1947: Liu Hulan dies a martyr's death >>more

Jan 20—30,1924: Chinese Kuomintang holds its first National Congress >>more

Jan 18—Feb 21,1992: Deng Xiaoping visits 4 cities, and delivers important speeches >>more

Jan 19—22,2000: The Meeting for western region development is held >>more

Jan 17,1933: Three conditions for the Red Army to fight Japanese >>more

Jan 15—18,1934: The 5th Plenary Session of the 6th CPC Central Committee is held >>more

Jan 16,1980: Deng  makes a speech entitled "the current situation and tasks" >>more

Jan 8, 1954: CPC Central Committee issues Resolution on Developing Agricultural Producers' Cooperatives >>more

Jan 8-10, 1975: 2nd Plenary Session of 10th CPC Central Committee >>more

Jan 8, 1976: Zhou Enlai dies in Beijing >>more

Dec 26, 1953: Anshan starts operation >>more

Dec 26, 1971: Instructions on people's commune >>more

Dec 26, 1993: 100th birthday of Mao >>more

Dec 26, 2003: Decision on HR development >>more

Dec 26, 2008: Escort mission in Somalia >>more

Dec 19, 1950: the People's Government of the Beijing Municipality issues a notice to crack down on the I-Kuan Tao and other cults >>more

Dec 19-23, 1988: Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi pays an official visit to China >>more

Dec 19, 1989: Conference of the National Science and Technology Awards held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing >>more

Dec 19-20, 2003: CPC Central Committee and State Council convene a national work conference on human resources >>more

Dec 19, 2004: China promulgates plan for development of red tourism (2004-2010) >>more

Dec 14, 1948: CPC Central Committee promotes Chen Yun's 'Shenyang Experience' >>more

Dec 14, 1931: 26th Route Army of Kuomintang revolts and joins Red Army >>more

Dec 14, 1962: CPC Central Committee decides to develop nuclear energy >>more

Dec 14, 1963 - Feb 29, 1964: Zhou Enlai visits 14 Afro-Asian nations >>more

Dec 12, 1934: CPC Central Committee holds emergency meeting >>more

Dec 12, 1936: Xi'an Incident >>more

Dec 12, 1973: Mao Zedong proposes a policy of rotating military commanders >>more

Dec 12-17, 2003: General Secretary Hu Jintao stresses need to raise farmers' income >>more

Dec 7, 1936: Central Revolutionary Military Commission of CPC was set up after three main Red Army troops joined forces >>more

Dec 7, 1953-Jan 26, 1954: The basic mission of building an army was to build a powerful, modernized and revolutionary army, according to a military conference >>more