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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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Feb 26-March 5, 1978: Fifth NPC holds 1st session in Beijing >>more

Feb 26, 1985: Report on a substantial absorption of outstanding intellectuals into the Party >>more

Feb 26, 2004: Suggestions on strengthening moral construction for teenagers >>more

Feb 26, 2007: Premier Wen hears feasibility report on jumbo jet program >>more

Feb 22, 1952: The Government Administration Council passes an 'implementation outline for regional autonomy of ethnic groups of the People's Republic of China' >>more

Feb 22, 1974: The division of the three worlds >>more

Feb 19, 1997: Deng Xiaoping dies >>more

Feb 19, 2001: China hands out 1st National Science and Technology Awards >>more

Feb 19, 2005: Building harmonious society important task for CPC - President Hu Jintao >>more

Feb 18, 1951: CPC Central Committee promulgates key points of the resolution adopted at an enlarged meeting of its Political Bureau >>more

Feb 18, 1991: During an investigation trip to Shanghai, Deng Xiaoping puts forward requirements: "Tightening up and sticking to Pudong development till success." >>more

Feb 21—Feb 28, 1972: Mao Zedong meets with Richard Nixon >>more

Feb 20—25,2000: The Thought of Three Represents is put forward >>more

Jan 30,1995: President Jiang Zemin puts forward eight propositions on development of relations between two sides of Taiwan Straits and peaceful reunification of China on the current stage, while he attended a Spring Festival tea party held by the Taiwan Work Office of CPC Central Committee, Taiwan Affairs Office of State Council and Taiwan Democratic Self-government League >>more

Jan 29,1935: The Red Army crosses the Chishui River four times >>more

Jan 24-29,1984: Deng Xiaoping visits Shenzhen and Zhuhai >>more

Jan 24-29, 1994: CPC Central Committee holds conference on publicity and ideological work >>more

Jan 24, 2011: Top Chinese legislator calls for effective law enforcement >>more

Jan 25,1981: Lin Biao and Jiang Qingare judged >>more

Jan 21 - Feb 2, 1922: Comintern holds 1st Conference of Representatives from Communist Parties and Revolutionary Organizations of Fast East Countries >>more

Jan 21, 1937: Mao speaks at a university in Yan'an >>more

Jan 21, 1976: Mao Zedong names Hua Guofeng as acting premier >>more

Jan 10, 1938: Interim government of Shanxi-Chaha'er-Hebei border region established >>more

Jan 10, 1946: CPC, KMT sign armistice agreement >>more

Jan 10-31, 1946: Multi-party political consultative conference held in Chongqing >>more

Jan 10, 1949: Huaihai Campaign ends >>more

Jan 10-21, 1985: NPC session sets Teachers' Day >>more

Jan 14—18,1961: The 9th Plenary Session of the 8th Central Committee of CPC is held >>more

Jan 13-17,1975: The 1st Session of the 4th National People's Congress is held >>more

Jan 11—22,1925: The 4th National Congress of the CPC is held >>more