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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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Feb 16—March 3, 1956: The 6th Work Session of the National United Front >>more

Feb 15,1993: Reform of the grain distribution system >>more

Feb 14—Feb 20,2006: Building a new socialist countryside >>more

Feb 13,1988: Strengthening and improving the Party's work >>more

Feb 12,1982: The "Work Minutes made by the National United Front" >>more

Feb 11,1967: The State Council addresses rural development and business >>more

Feb 10,1937: The CPC Central Committee urges cooperation between the Kuomintang and CPC >>more

Feb 9,1995: Working regulations on selecting and appointing leading cadres >>more

Feb 8,1957: The movement to increase production >>more

Feb7,1977: "Two Whatevers" is put forward >>more

Feb 6--10,1954: The 4th Plenary Session of the 7th CPC Central Committee is held >>more

Feb 5—12,1980: The 13th Session of the 5th National People's Congress is held >>more

Feb 4,1923: Beijing-Hankou railway workers go on a strike >>more

Feb 3,1952: The CPC Central Committee issues the "three-anti" instructions >>more

Feb 2,1939: The CPC Central Committee holds production mobilization meeting in Yan'an >>more

Feb 1,2002: The Conference of National Science and Technology Awards is held >>more

Jan 31,1949: China celebrates the peaceful liberation of Beijing >>more

Jan 28—Feb 18,1991: Deng Xiaoping visits Shanghai >>more

Jan 27,1964: China and France establish diplomatic relations >>more

Jan 26, 1925: The Chinese Socialist Youth League holds the 3rd National Congress >>more

Jan 23,1997: The "soft landing" is labeled a success >>more

Jan 22,1987: The CPC Central Committee issues a notice "to deepen the rural reform" >>more

Jan 21,1976: Hua Guofeng is elected as acting prime minister of the State Council >>more

Jan 7,1931: The 4th Plenary Session of the 6th Central Committee of the CPC is held >>more

Today in History >>more

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