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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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May 31, 1936: The National All Salvation Association is established in Shanghai >>more

May 30, 1925: The May 30th Massacre >>more

May 29, 1956: The Nansha Islands have always been a part of Chinese territory >>more

May 28, 1966:  A notice on establishing the Central Cultural Revolution Group >>more

May 27, 1949: The Third Field Army liberates Shanghai >>more

May 26,1933: The Chahar People's Anti-Japanese Allied Army Campaign is established >>more

May 25—26, 2010: The National Talents Meeting is held in Beijing >>more

May 24—25, 2001: The Central Working Session for Poverty Alleviation is held in Beijing >>more

May 23, 1951:  An agreement that declares Tibet's peaceful liberation >>more

May 22, 1962:  The "Hundred Flowers Award" for best popular film >>more

May 21—June 23, 1972: A meeting on "criticizing Lin and rectification" in Beijing >>more

May 20, 1926: The Northern Expedition kicks off >>more

May 19, 1941: Mao Zedong makes a report entitled "Reform Our Way of Learning" >>more

May 18, 1978:  Establishment of a leading group to introduce new technologies >>more

May 17, 1980: A grand memorial for Liu Shaoqi is held in Beijing >>more

May 16, 1989: Normalized relations between China and Soviet Union >>more

May 15, 1946: The first issue of People's Daily is published >>more

May 14—16, 2004:  Rejuvenating the old industrial bases of northeastern China >>more

May 13—16, 1947: Menglianggu Campaign >>more

May 12, 2008: A massive 8.0 magnitude earthquake occurs in Wenchuan >>more

May 11—14,2003: The best way to promote SARS prevention and economic development >>more

May 10, 1978: "Practice is the Sole Criterion for Testing Truth" >>more

May 9, 2006: China is elected a member of the UN Human Rights Council >>more

May 8,1999: A US-led NATO air attack with missiles hits the Chinese Embassy >>more

May 7,2007: "Suggestions on Strengthening Youth Sports and Enhancing Physical Fitness" >>more

May 6,1995: A strategy to rejuvenate China through science and education >>more

May 5—23,1958: The 2nd Session of the 8th CPC Party Congress is held >>more

May 4,1919: May Fourth Movement >>more

May 3,1926: The 6th National Institute of the Peasant Movement begins >>more

May 2—11,1953: The 7th National Congress of the Chinese Trade Union is held >>more

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