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CPC Encyclopedia: Today in CPC history

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March 12, 1925: Sun Yat-sen dies at 59 >>more

March 12-24, 1979: China discusses establishment of agricultural production responsibility system >>more

March 12, 1980: Deng Xiaoping calls for streamlining the army >>more

March 12, 1993: Wang Zhen dies at 85 >>more

March 11, 1940: Mao Zedong delivered a report entitled 'Current Problems of Tactics in the Anti-Japanese United Front' >>more

March 15—31,1993: The 1st Session of the 8th NPC is held >>more

March 14,2005: The 3rd Session of the 10th NPC passes >>more

March 13, 1985: A  "decision on the reform of science and technology systems" >>more

March 11, 1988: The China Disabled Persons' Federation is established >>more

March 8—26, 1958: Chengdu Meeting >>more

March 8 and March 22, 1966: Xingtai in Hebei province hit by two quakes, the first with a 6.8 magnitude and the second with a 7.2 magnitude >>more

March 7, 1927: Peasant Movement Training Institute starts classes in Wuchang >>more

March 7, 1931: 1st Front Red Army orders local armed forces to carry out guerrilla war and support the main forces >>more

March 7, 1948: Linfen Campaign begins >>more

March 6, 1940: The Communist Party of China implements a United Front regime policy >>more

March 5—13, 1949: The 2nd Plenary Session of the 7th CPC Central Committee is held >>more

March 4, 1985: Deng Xiaoping declares importance of North-South issue >>more

March 4, 1989: Stability is the key - Deng Xiaoping >>more

March 4, 2005: President Hu Jintao sets forth guidelines on Taiwan >>more

March 4, 2006: CPC sets moral yardstick >>more

March 3, 1986: The "863 program"is proposed >>more

March 2, 1930: Chinese League of Left-Wing Writers is founded >>more

March 1, 1949: The All-China Students Federation is established >>more

Feb 28, 1973: CPPCC reopens >>more

Feb 28-March 6, 1990: National political and legal affairs work conference held in Beijing >>more

Feb 28-March 3, 1994: Seven-Year Priority Poverty Alleviation Program (1994-2000) proposed >>more

Feb 27-28, 1947: Complete breakdown of Kuomintang-CPC negotiations >>more

Feb 27, 1957: Mao Zedong delivers a speech entitled "How to Handle Contradictions among the People" >>more

Feb 27, 1997: CPC Central Committee issues Disciplinary Punishment Regulations of the CPC (trial edition) >>more

Feb 26, 1965: China to strengthen leadership over Third Front development >>more

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