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China punishes copyright infringers

Copyright infringers were punished for up to 11 years imprisonment for pirating and selling pornographic publications last year, it was revealed Wednesday.

China to recruit more volunteers for western regions

China plans to send about 17,000 volunteers, mostly university graduates, to serve the country's western underdeveloped areas this year.

Village head leads group to see sex shows

A village head from Zhanjiang, a port city in west Guangdong province, has been suspended from office, pending further investigation, after he was found to have led a group of village officials to watch sex shows and gamble during a trip to southeast Asia, Guangzhou Daily reported.

Development warning for Hainan coast

Booming property development and construction in China's tropical southern island of Hainan is turning the beautiful coastline into a concrete jungle full of hotels and development zones, reported on Wednesday.

Zhejiang to compensate poultry breeders

East China's Zhejiang province introduced subsidies on Tuesday for poultry breeders, to ease losses after the outbreak of H7N9 bird flu.

Frontline expert recalls SARS investigation

For infectious disease expert Luo Huiming, the investigation into SARS a decade ago was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a new disease but certain steps and procedures had to be followed.

Having designs on improving city life

The massive urbanization that China is going through has posed many questions to both the people and the government and an important and increasingly popular one is how to plan and construct a city that will make urban life more agreeable.

Alliance sets new stage for culture

The China City Culture Industry Development Alliance was inaugurated this month in Beijing.

Food standards to be clarified, unified

China will speed up its improvement of food safety standards and finish clarifying existing food standards by the end of this year.

Taxi drivers' incomes protected after price hike

The impending adjustment of Beijing's taxi fare system has gripped drivers with fears that more franchise fees may be levied by their companies. However, authorities have assured taxi drivers Tuesday that the increased income will all go into their pockets.