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China vows to boost domestic consumption

The government has listed boosting domestic consumption and maintaining proper investment scale as an important economic task in the coming period.

Top legislator stresses rule of law

Top Chinese legislator Zhang Dejiang has stressed promoting the rule of law in national governance and social administration.

Ministry to tighten hog slaughter regulations

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce will continue to tighten regulations concerning the country's hog slaughter industry this year, an official from the ministry said on Wednesday.

CDL to strengthen political participation

China Democratic League (CDL), one of the eight non-Communist parties in the country, on Wednesday said it is aiming for more political participation and supervision.

A father's naked love

Short of money, a 47-year-old father took off his clothes and posed nude at an art studio in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, to raise money for his children's medical expenses.

New exchange to focus on equities

The Qianhai Equity Exchange, a Shenzhen-based trading platform for innovative financial services, plans to start operations in May and have 1,000 enterprises listed on the exchange by the end of 2013, according to a report released on the official website on Wednesday.

Lesbian couple calls for more understanding

A lesbian couple in Guangzhou hosted a public "wedding" on Wednesday to call for more understanding and tolerance for same-sex marriages.

Crackdown on websites publishing pornography

Anti-pornography departments and public security sectors cracked down on 198 websites publishing pornographic information in a 20-day special campaign, according to the National Anti–Pornography Office on April 17.

Officials removed from posts in drugs probe

The director and deputy director of Tieling Prison in Liaoning province, suspected of being involved in trading methamphetamine, have been removed from posts, prison officials said on Wednesday.

8,000 sturgeon released into Yangtze

Conservationists released 8,000 Chinese sturgeon into the Yangtze River on Wednesday.