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Anhui tightens rules covering historic buildings

Anhui province will create "identity numbers" for local ancient buildings and ban the removal of ancient structures from the province.

Huaxi sees tourism as driver for growth

Huaxi, the most affluent village in China, has eyed tourism as the next leading engine for its economy.

Bear bile industry gets bitten by legal action

Chinese wildlife activists have resorted to legal action for the first time to try to end the bear bile industry.

Watchdog seeks 'porn appraiser'

Got an eye for the obscene? A Chinese company is advertising a position that would require the successful candidate to spend his or her days trawling the Web for pornography.

Beijing cabbies fear loss of business

Beijing's decision to increase taxi fares has fueled fears among cab drivers that it could lead to a slump in passengers.

People changing daily habits

About 80 percent of respondents to a survey said they have changed their habits because of the deadly H7N9 bird flu outbreak.

Tourist finds new species of orchid

Scientists have confirmed that an orchid found by a tourist in South China is a new species.

Promoters of failed reforms may be let off

A proposal to exempt those who promote reforms from liability when pilot projects fail has triggered heated debate among legislators in Shanghai.

Li calls for policies to encourage spending

Premier Li Keqiang called for better efforts to boost domestic consumption.

TCM helps in treating H7N9 patients

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been used in the treatment of 24 of the 77 H7N9 cases reported across China as of Wednesday.