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Spring waterfall

Tourists admire Hukou Waterfall in Jixian county, Shanxi province, on Monday. The spring flood caused by recent warm temperatures upstream in the Yellow River has attracted many visitors to see the spectacular waterfall.

New leaders appointed to fill top positions

The official appointment of leaders to China's restructured State Oceanic Administration was unveiled on Monday.

Official turns big profit on graveyard

Authorities have launched a probe into a lawmaker who reportedly earned more than 300 million yuan after he was contracted to run a public cemetery in Lufeng, Guangdong province.

Lavish behavior punished

The Party discipline watchdog named and shamed officials, companies and institutions that it found to have violated the eight bureaucracy-busting guidelines.

Party schools give officials lessons in frugality

Officials studying at training centers or Party schools are banned from squandering taxpayers' money on banquets or entertainment.

Village mourns visionary former chief

People in one of China's richest villages are in deep mourning for their former chief.

Trans fatty acids in diets at acceptable levels

Trans fatty acids pose much less of a threat to Chinese people than the public has been led to believe, a national-level food safety center said.

Nothing to snore at

Chinese Sleep Research Society announced 40 percent of the Chinese population suffers from one form of sleep disorder or the other.The stuffing of legends

Confidence boost for first-quarter growth

China's entrepreneurs and bankers are showing strong confidence on economic growth in the first quarter, based on rebounding market demand and a stronger need for credit.

Chinese security official urges rule of law

A top security official has called on police officers to respect the law and increase their legal knowledge.