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Guangzhou boosts management of officials' trips

Guangzhou's anti-graft body has decided to boost the management of village Party chief' trips outside the country in the following months.

Foshan official probed for disciplinary violation

The Party discipline watchdog of Foshan city confirmed on Wednesday that Lu Zhiran, executive vice-chairman of the standing committee of the Gaoming District People’s Congress, is being investigated for a serious disciplinary violation.

Party chiefs for 5 provinces appointed

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Wednesday announced appointments of new Party chiefs for five provinces.

Health official fired after bribe-suspected gamble

Ouyang Yi, director of the Health Bureau of Heyuan in Guangdong province, is being investigated after an online video showed him allegedly gambling with mahjong, Guangzhou-based New Express Daily reported.

Mainland's new Taiwan affairs chief welcome to visit

A senior Taiwanese official on mainland affairs said Zhang Zhijun, the Chinese mainland's newly appointed Taiwan affairs chief, is welcome to visit the island at a proper time.

Ride sharing can ease traffic, environment woes

Daily free ride sharing is urged in Beijing as the city is frequently engulfed by haze this spring and burdened by increasingly heavier traffic.

Hunan to collect tap water data

Hunan province is checking tap water supplies in all counties to collect data to improve protection of the resource, Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported on Sunday.

Tales from the farmyard

When discussing the pig carcasses floating in the river in Shanghai, Yang Shengguan, a farmer from Zhulin village in Zhejiang province became emotional.

Farmers grow organic watermelons to order

Some Shanghai locals have been so worried about food safety that they are ordering organic watermelons, while some food experts warn that the food is not necessarily risk-free.

New app directs users to restrooms

Shanghai Toilet Guide, a new smartphone application, will allow residents and visitors to locate the closest of the city's 8,000 public restrooms.