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Desert land set to be reclaimed

China's forestry authority plans to reclaim large areas of land over the next decade under a national desert-control plan.

Coastal waters face increasing pollution

Increasing stretches of China's coastal waters were seriously polluted in 2012, mainly from excessive polluting discharges from land.

Officials denying property disclosure to face punishment

Nansha district in this Guangdong provincial capital has introduced regulations to punish officials who refuse to disclose their assets or lie in their reports, and a property declaration system is being implemented.

Guangzhou to release operations of official cars

The Guangdong provincial capital will make the operation system of the city’s government cars public starting in April, according to a senior official at the Guangzhou Party Commission of Discipline Inspection.

Efforts to prevent illness in kindergartens

A non-government organization affiliated to the All-China Women’s Federation launched a program on Wednesday to stop diseases transmitted between children in kindergartens.

ID chips implanted in Siberian tigers

Identification chips are being implanted in Siberian tigers at a zoo in Shenyang, Liaoning province, to avoid inbreeding.

Healthy relationships should be taught in schools: expert

Courses on marriage and relationships should be available in primary and middle schools in China, said a sociologist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Guangdong to hold mayors responsible for river pollution

Guangdong province this year will adopt an official pollution-evaluation system in an effort to clean up the rivers and prevent their water quality from deteriorating further, a senior official with the provincial environment watchdog said.

Free online music deadline revealed

Chinese music producer Gao Xiaosong announced the music industry faces 'earth-shaking' changes as free online downloading will end after July 1.

Anti-corruption efforts must target bigger fish

China's disciplinary authorities should work to flush out government officials who have engaged in serious corruption, as they have already punished officials for relatively minor abuses of power.