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Labor NGOs call for more finance, planning

An event to help the development of grassroots Chinese labor NGOs was held in Beijing on Wednesday.

Cash for trash to help poor

Beijing has launched a "waste for donation" project to help poverty-stricken families in the city, Beijing Morning Post reported Wednesday.

Mao's annotations of classic text published

China has published late Chairman Mao Zedong's annotations and comments on the "Twenty-Four Histories," recognized as the most authoritative works of Chinese history.

Govt funding for drug addicts HIV program

A program focusing on HIV/AIDS transmission through needle use among drug addicts has made a successful bid for money from a government support fund for social organizations, national newspaper Health News reported on Thursday.

Miners receive compensation for disease

Sixteen miners who developed pneumoconiosis after working at a coalmine in Beijing's Fangshan district received compensation on Tuesday after three years of a lawsuit.

School buses 'must meet national standard'

All school buses in Shanghai are required to meet the national standard from September, according to Shanghai's education authorities.

Less lining up at hospitals

Shanghai residents can save time lining up at hospitals through making outpatient appointments via an online platform from this year.

Woman accused of defrauding soldiers

A Beijing court on Wednesday tried a housewife accused of using a false identity to scam young soldiers out of money and gifts.

Colleges tell students to open stores

A vocational college from Zhejiang province recently said in its new admission system that a maximum of 50 points would be added if the student successfully runs an online store with five-diamond credit.

Ancient building to be repaired

A project was launched on Wednesday to preserve and repair an ancient building in Beijing. At the same time a market at the site will be closed for two months.