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Communities help drug addicts from relapsing

Sunflower Community project aims to reduce relapses among reformed addicts through community supervision, as required in a revision of a law.

Tuned in, toned up

Five new works by international composers that were inspired by a visit to China signify a new approach to cultural exchanges.

National program to keep TCM healthy

China's top traditional Chinese medicine authority has announced a nationwide training program.

Social networks bad for sleep

Online social networks, chatting services and gaming are keeping young people up at night and disturbing their sleeping patterns.

Farmers become migrant workers to boost pensions

Under the Social Security Law, which took effect in 2011, farmers-turned-workers must participate in the basic endowment insurance for the urban working group..

Transforming govt functions is first task: Li

Premier Li Keqiang announced that the transformation of government functions is the first task for the newly-elected State Council, China's cabinet, but warned that it is an "arduous" task.

Li Bai's hometown to host poetry contest

Jiangyou, hometown of one of China’s most famous poets Li Bai, is hosting the third Chinese Campus Poem Festival in July.

Firefighter dies battling big blaze

A 28-year-old firefighter lost his life in a rescue in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on March 20.

New charge to visit old city

Tourists visiting Fenghuang, a famous ancient town in Central China, will be required to buy tickets from April 10, the local government has announced.

One-quarter of Shanghai's population elderly

The number of elderly people in Shanghai has reached 3.67 million, accounting for more than a quarter of the city's population, local authorities said Thursday.