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Merger of ministries 'aimed at better service'

Merging the functions of the now-defunct Ministry of Railways into the Ministry of Transport will allow the government to concentrate on setting policy and supervision, a spokesman said on Thursday.

Former Beijing police official charged with bribery

A former senior police officer in charge of building an information system in 2008 to handle traffic management in Beijing has been charged with bribery, according to Beijing No 1 Intermediate Court.

Lake that cleans up on tourists

"Taihu Lake is beautiful, and the most attractive part is its water." That lyric inspired Wan Yaoyao to travel hundreds of kilometers to visit the lake and admire its beauty.

Battle for lake shows dirty modern dilemma

Algae choking freshwater supply triggers campaign against pollution.

Anti-smoking advocate urges a ban in the city

A leading figure in Shanghai's fight against smoking has insisted that a total ban will make a difference in people's health.

University creates world's lightest material

Chinese scientists say they have developed the world's lightest material, which they expect to play an important role in tackling pollution.

Chinese youths brought into anti-waste campaign

China has called on every school and kindergarten to draft detailed measures for preventing food waste.

Ancient Xi'an restored in major project

A project aiming to restore the ancient layout of Xi'an will be completed by 2020.

Campaign boosts management of livelihood-related crimes

China's prosecutorial organs will kick off a nine-month campaign in April to strengthen the handling of criminal cases concerning food and drug safety.

Premier maps out tasks for cabinet

Premier Li Keqiang announced that the transformation of government functions is the first task for the newly elected State Council.