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Home prices thwarts people's 'Chinese dream'

Soaring house prices are gnawing away at common people's "Chinese dream," of a home, fairness and happiness.

Taiwan student wins 21st Century speaking contest

Wu Po-te from Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, outshone 17 other finalists to claim the title of the "21st Century Coca-Cola Cup" National English Speaking Competition on Sunday afternoon.

Better forecasting to reduce weather damage

China has built an integrated weather monitoring system that provides better information about potential weather disasters.

Exchanges to improve ties with Taiwan

The mainland's top official in charge of Taiwan affairs vowed to further improve cross-Straits ties.

Brush captures enduring love

From the first time he saw her putting on makeup in a mirror, to their wedding at which they promised "to love and cherish", to her lying in bed on her final days — all the images of their nearly 60-year marriage have been food for his art.

Entrepreneur creates online business by selling goods from Taobao

Vivatao is a virtual mirror of Taobao, but in the Russian language.

China to clean up grassroots medical institutions

Health authorities have vowed to conduct a thorough clean-up and rectification of grassroots medical institutions in order to ensure quality and safety.

Chinese public calls for tackling water pollution

With Friday marking World Water Day, many Chinese are taking the opportunity to issue renewed calls for more efforts to fight severe water pollution.

Shanghai getting old as people living longer

One in four registered Shanghai residents are seniors, with the city reporting an increase of about 200,000 elderly residents in 2012, the Shanghai Morning Post reported on March 23.

Criminal with mental problems ordered to receive treatment

A district court in Shanghai ordered a man with mental health problems who committed attempted rape to receive compulsory treatment, the first decision of its kind following the revision of the Chinese criminal law in 2012.