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Dreams and fears in looking for 'Mr Right'

Liu Jun, 33, from Beijing, found her "Mr Right" through a matchmaking website. The couple now has a 3-month-old baby girl.

Matchmaking websites crack down on user fraud

Century Love, a well-known Chinese matchmaking website, has established a system in cooperation with police that helps find fake online information and fraudsters.

Transport peaks at holiday end

China's transport system was tested as tourists returning from their holiday trips pushed traffic flow in many places to record highs.

China's elder-care services to reach households

Home and neighborhood-based elder-care services will be available in all of China's urban communities and half of its rural areas by the end of 2015, the country's vice minister of civil affairs vowed on Wednesday.

Newspaper warns of "underground" govt-funded extravagance

A commentary in the People's Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has stressed the need to guard against "underground" lavish lifestyles funded by public spending.

Rongsheng sets record in 2012

Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group, one of China’s largest shipbuilders, completed 3.9 million deadweight tons in 2012, setting a company record.

Quake to have limited impact on insurers

Finance analysts have said that a massive earthquake that recently jolted Southwest China is unlikely to have a significant impact on Chinese insurers.

Beijing conference targets financial literacy

An APEC conference on financial literacy in education was held at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing last week. Over 40 representatives from 12 APEC economies, as well as the OECD and the Asia Development Bank, took part in the conference.

Small stores rely on new retail revolution

He Chang has been promoting his products on what is arguably China's most powerful retail marketing tool Sina Weibo, and they have been selling like hotcakes.

Taobao creates new job specifications

With the success of Taobao, a substantial number of new, multifarious or even bizarre jobs have also been created in the virtual world in the past decade.