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Premier Li specifies govt tasks for 2013

A total of 48 key tasks in six categories were declared and distributed to corresponding departments at an executive cabinet meeting chaired by Premier Li.

Senior police officer expelled from Party in Lufeng

A senior police officer has been expelled from the Party for serious violations of Party discipline in Lufeng city, Guangdong province.

China has over 170,000 govt microblogs

China had more than 170,000 government microblogs by the end of last year, according to a report issued on Wednesday.

Lu named boss of new railway administration

Lu Dongfu was appointed director of the State Railways Administration on Tuesday, becoming the first head of the newly established administration that takes over the administrative responsibilities of the now defunct Ministry of Railways.

CPC's faith firm: senior official

Wang Qishan, a senior CPC official, said Tuesday the party is firm in its faith and will unswervingly continue to lead the people on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

China's cabinet announces official appointments

The State Council, or China's cabinet, on Tuesday announced a number of new appointments for officials in government departments and organizations.

Premier urges deepening reform for anti-corruption

Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday said corruption should be prevented by deepening related reforms.

GPS curbs Guangzhou govt cars' private use

Private use of government-funded vehicles in south China's Guangzhou City has sharply decreased since authorities began using global positioning systems (GPS) to monitor their mileage.

Former power regulator leads energy watchdog

Wu Xinxiong, former chairman of China's State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC), has taken the reins of the National Energy Administration (NEA), according to the NEA.

Some still face question of identity

Migrant workers without proper registration hard to make themselves at home in the cities.