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Govt offices banned from putting names on products

China on Friday issued a circular which prohibits government organs from using labels that claim certain products are created especially for such government agencies.

State Council reveals task list for 5 years

China has set out task list for the next 5 years, in a move experts describe as laying the cornerstone for modern social governance and a market economy.

PLA to curb car plate misuse

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and armed police forces will introduce new license plates for their vehicles to curb the misuse of military vehicles and plates, a senior officer said Friday.

Guo Shuqing appointed acting governor of Shandong

Guo Shuqing was appointed acting governor of East China's Shandong province on Friday.

Premier points the way for farming

Making his first research tour since becoming premier, Li Keqiang highlighted agricultural modernization, describing it as a main engine to drive development.

New rules to boost clean governance

Working for the people, frugality and improved efficiency were some of the key points of the State Council's work rules for government agencies.

New cabinet's working rules published

New detailed working rules of the State Council, China's cabinet, were published on Thursday with aims to push for the establishment of a clean, efficient service-oriented government.

Govt firm in resolve to fight graft

Chinese premier sets the agenda in campaign to tackle corruption.

Incompetent local officials face removal

A local Communist Party chief in Central China's Hunan province has been removed from his post after gambling during office hours.

Li vows quick action on reform

Premier Li pledged that quick action will be taken in economic and social reforms in the first year following the national leadership transition.Govt tasks for 2013