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Manufacturing index points to recovery

In the coming few months, investment in infrastructure and properties is likely to accelerate, responding to the government's urbanization boost.

Honest work stressed for organization officials

Leading officials of organization departments across China have been urged to stick to a firm political belief, justice and a cleanhanded work style.

Guo Chuan sails through Taiwan Strait

Chinese sailor Guo Chuan, who is attempting a solo, non-stop sail around the globe, has successfully crossed the Taiwan Strait after three days without sleep, according to his supporting team Monday.

Family farms plant seeds for prosperity

Pilot project could provide big growth in incomes for Chinese farmers.

Uygur women sign up for life on the ocean wave

Having three sisters from a Uygur household serving in the People's Liberation Army navy is a source of pride for the family of Aytulun Xukrat from Xinjiang.

Vote of confidence for PLA marine corps

The marine corps of the People's Liberation Army has been given a vote of confidence in its combat capability after taking part in exchanges with foreign counterparts.

Private aircraft stores opening across China

Private aircraft stores are springing up across China, with Beijing opening its first on Friday. Yet industry insiders say it does not signal maturity in the general aviation market.

New spacecraft moves to launch center

The Shenzhou X spacecraft, which will be launched between June and August, has completed testing and on Sunday left Beijing for the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province.

China's new manned spacecraft reaches launch center

China's new manned spacecraft Shenzhou-10, scheduled to blast off in early June this year, was delivered to the launch center in Jiuquan, Gansu Province, on Sunday after passing pre-delivery tests, China's manned space program announced.

Premier underlines developing modern agriculture

Premier Li Keqiang has stressed the importance of developing modern agriculture and scale farming in his recent research tour to the Yangtze River Delta region.