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Air Macao starts Macao-Jinjiang flights

Air Macao, Macao's largest airline commenced its new air route between Macao and Jinjiang Tuesday.

Private, public hospitals co-op to fight cancer

The Beijing United Family New Hope Oncology Center signed a contract with the Beijing Cancer Hospital on Monday to serve more patients who need private care to treat and prevent cancer.

Economist elected governor of Henan province

A 59-year-old economist was elected governor of Central China's Henan province, one of the country's leading grain-producing regions.

Consumption versus investment

Regarding international experiences, there are no ready-made lessons that China can learn from. Instead, it will have to rely on homegrown solutions to achieve advanced economy-level living standards.

Dereliction of duty cases soar

The number of people convicted of dereliction of duty soared in China last year, according to new research by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and cases are expected to continue rising in 2013.

Insurance a cure for medical woes

Compared with genuine urban residents, migrant workers rarely enjoy the same access to welfare.

Banking ownership limits help deepen cross-Straits ties

Taiwan's financial regulator announced it will raise the limit on mainland banks' ownership in the island's financial institutions as cross-Straits economic and trade ties deepen.

VP calls for 'Chinese Dream' encouragement

Chinese Vice-President Li Yuanchao called for efforts from the public towards achieving the "Chinese Dream" during an inspection tour.

Mayor has high hopes for growth

Xia Qingfeng, mayor of Tongren in Guizhou province, is determined to lead more than 1 million people to prosperity by boosting the economy with ecological concepts over the next decade.

Food tester may help serve up peace of mind

Scientists at Tianjin University of Science and Technology say they have developed a handheld tester that can detect pathogenic bacteria and excessive drug or pesticide residue.