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Walking their way to health

According to a report from China Nordic Walking Association, China has around 100,000 Nordic walkers and 20,000 people practice regularly.

Two more reserves for Siberian tigers

China will set up two more national reserves for Siberian tigers in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces to protect the endangered species.

Tribute paid to Yellow Emperor amid fanfare

More than 10,000 Chinese from home and abroad gathered to pay respects to the common ancestor of all Chinese people on Thursday morning in Shaanxi province.

Transparency promised in fight against virus

China's health authorities have promised transparency and pledged to mobilize resources to combat a new strain of deadly bird flu.
Shanghai begins culling poultry
China reports 5th death from H7N9 bird flu
H7N9 virus detected from pigeons in Shanghai
China briefs WHO on new bird flu

Chinese farmers make fortune from agritourism

Demand for agritourism has boomed along with the per capita income of Chinese. The country's long history of farming, as well as the natural beauty, are attractive to many.

Legendary Emperor descendants pursue 'Chinese Dream'

More than 10,000 people attended an elaborate ceremony on Thursday to pay homage to Huangdi, or the Yellow Emperor, who is considered as ancestor of all Chinese people.

China needs to rebalance economy: economists

China needs to continue to rebalance its economy and reduce dependence on exports to achieve sustainable development, an economist said on Thursday.

Western province sees more urban residents than farmers

Urbanization rate in a province leading the development of China's landlocked western part has topped 50 percent for the first time, said the executive deputy governor on Tuesday.

Snails that are as fat as geese

In China ancestral worship used to be practiced during the Hanshi Festival, or cold food festival, which merged with the Qingming Festival about 300 years ago.

Gold leaf tea

Mingqian tea is more affordable this season, allowing the ordinary drinkers to enjoy this great cuppa.