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Hainan plans medical tourism zone

The island province of Hainan has published a plan to build China's first special zone for medical tourism, an official said on Saturday at the Boao Forum for Asia.

China 'more transparent' in handling epidemics

Experts have praised China for its increased transparency in handling public health incidents.

Paper-made consumer goods now top offerings

Paper-made consumer goods replace paper money as top offerings to the dead during Qingming Festival.

Temblor's deathly shadow finally exorcised

Five years after the devastating Wenchuan earthquake, survivors have rebuilt their lives.

Lin Kunhui: Outreach to those at risk

Lin Kunhui, secretary-general of the Taiwan Suicide Prevention and Cure Association, spends most of his time in life skills education and suicide prevention in Shanghai.

Learning the skills to cope with life

With increasing numbers of suicides and violence among the youth in recent years, Chinese experts now believe skills to cope with life should be an important part of the education curriculum.

China conducts first space science active experiment

China's first space science active experiment was conducted Friday morning to study the dynamical processes of the Earth's ionosphere, a top scientific institute said.

Tomb-sweeping Day saw 8.31 million railway trips

China's Qingming Festival saw a total of 8.31 million railway trips on Thursday.

Tianjin to build cruise liner tourism zone

A national cruise liner tourism development zone in northern China's coastal city of Tianjin has received approval to be built, local authorities said Thursday.

Thumbing a ride to adventure across the nation

Li Shengbo, 24-year-old undergraduate in Beijing, stopped school for a year to hitchhike around China.